LST - control and safety technology

Efficient and modern control and safety technology is nowadays the basis for efficient and safe railway operations. It coordinates rail traffic and precisely controls train operations.

Thanks to our mechanical equipment and a large team of motivated, flexible and qualified employees, we are able to carry out larger, plannable projects as well as short-term work without any problems.

We carry out the following assembly services individually or as a complete package.

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Construction of signaling systems

  • Conversion, adjustments, dismantling inside and outside for the signal box, track and level crossing
  • Electromechanical interlocking technology
  • Safety-related construction statuses
  • Axle counter
  • Punctual train control (PZB)
  • linear train control (LZB)
  • Balises also for ETCS
  • Cable laying, assembly, measurement, testing and documentation, cable troubleshooting
  • Speed checking facilities (GPE)
  • Technical supported train control operation


  • LST turnout assembly of all types
  • Electrically locally operated switch
  • Switch drive control
  • Switch heating 50Hz

Electrical Power

  • Platform and track lighting
  • Switch heating 50Hz
  • Level crossing technology: Installation of the outdoor system and cable system


  • Cable laying, assembly, measurement, testing and documentation
  • Cable troubleshooting and elimination of copper and fiber optic (FO) cables

Einfache Installation

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Lange Nutzungsdauer

Als umweltfreundliche und erneuerbare Energiequelle erzeugen Windturbinen Strom ohne Verwendung fossiler Brennstoffe.