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Our company history began in 2014. Today we offer a wide range of services in the construction and investment business, with which customers can be served from engineering till project management to project execution. With our decentralized company segments, RIMA Group offers different services from their particular subsidiaries in several languages. Since projects are often
multidimensional, we have built up a network of exclusive partners in order to be able to cover a wide range of project requirements.

Rima GmbH, with its headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany, currently has 3 subsidiaries with several branches. Our core regions are Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the western Balkan countries up to Cairo, from where we manage projects in Africa and Asia in addition to Egypt.

With the strength of more than 1,400 employees, we work in our markets with the highest quality, flexibility and adherence to schedules.

Further information on the company structure can be found on the websites of the individual companies of RIMA Group.

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