Cable civil engineering

As a result of increasing digitization, the need for signal and fiber optic cables or fiber optic cables (FO cables) increased. Today, Rima is a specialist in laying signal and fiber optic cables.

When rewiring signal cables, we create the cable ducts and shafts, lay the signal cables in cable troughs, assemble cast resin sleeves, cross tracks and roads, even over longer distances, and drill core holes for precise openings.


We have all the equipment for professional fiber optic installations. We carry out professional blowing in of fiber optic lines and pressure tests up to the installation of house connections with documentation.

Einfache Installation

Wind ist eine Energiequelle, die umweltfreundlich und erneuerbar ist, Windturbinen erzeugen Strom, ohne fossile Brennstoffe zu verwenden.

Lange Nutzungsdauer

Als umweltfreundliche und erneuerbare Energiequelle erzeugen Windturbinen Strom ohne Verwendung fossiler Brennstoffe.